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The Tragedy of Gold

You may have noticed that the amount of adverts asking you to 'sell your gold' have increased a lot recently. You may also have heard that the price of gold is incredibly high at the moment due to the significant increase in demand, with global gold demand increasing by 18% in 2022. If you follow our page then odds are that you are fellow gold lover like myself, perhaps even turning away from your previously loved silver and platinum pieces in the last few years. I'm thrilled that yellow gold is having a comeback, as is my mum who never quite bought into the platinum style. (Yes, mum, you were right all along and I apologise for telling you that you were uncool for liking yellow gold when I was a teenager!)

Whilst it's great that you can earn a decent amount by selling your gold at the moment, it's important to understand the consequences of where you sell. Selling your gold for 'cash' often translates as selling your gold as 'scrap'. In other words, your jewellery is being melted down so it can be used to make something new.

When hunting for treasured vintage jewellery recently I have noticed the significant drop in vintage gold charms available to buy. Whilst chatting to other sellers at a local antiques fair I realised that this is partly a direct result of the demand increase. Unfortunately more and more people are melting down vintage pieces of jewellery instead of selling them as the gorgeous treasures they are.

Whether it's an 'unfashionable' charm from your childhood, gold earrings your grandma left behind that aren't your style, or a second-hand pendant you purchased a few years ago and never wear - it's not scrap! You've heard the saying 'one man's trash is another man's treasure', well it's never been more relevant. Melting down stunning vintage charms that aren't desired anymore takes an irreplaceable piece of history away from someone else. Once it's melted, it's gone.

I urge you, when selling your old pieces, to consider where you would like them to end up. Instead of selling for scrap try selling to businesses like ours who treasure the stories and see the value of history as higher than the value of gold. If everyone in the 1950s sold their jewellery for scrap then we wouldn't have their pieces to drool over today. Fashions change, our tastes change, but vintage is always vintage (until it's antique). Don't deprive future generations of your stunning pieces of history. We adore vintage jewellery because of the stories they tell - let's try not to close the book.

Gold charms

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